Material protection

Material protection for Shop-Script 7

Copyright and encryption copied materials

Material protection protects your website's content by encrypting the copied text. The extension is replacing most of the word's letters with symbols from other alphabets. The result is visually the same text, but unreadable for the search engines. Material protection is loading only on copy event. It is encrypting only text with the length over 150 symbols. The goal is not to interrupt user experience. Your users will still be able to copy small pieces of text and use them in search engines, for example.

This decision will help protect not only the content of inexperienced managers and owners of the site, but also on the content mid-level managers. Moreover, the advanced site administrators to deliver a fair amount of hassle when you copy your materials.

Features plug-in:
  • Encryption of copied text in your identical, but unreadable by search engines
  • Ability to set the number of characters beyond which the text will be copied to insert links to your site
  • Ability to add text before and after the link
  • The ability to enable/disable block text selection (by means of CSS)
  • Ability to enable/disable the context menu (right mouse click)
  • The ability to enable/disable the keyboard lock up means (Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + A, Ctrl + S and Ctrl + C)
  • The ability to enable/disable pop-up message when you try to copy materials
  • Ability to set the pop-up text message
  • The ability to enable/disable the insert links to the copied material

The plugin is compatible with other applications.
Simply add a file head.html the required application the following line:
{if $wa->shop}{shopCopyrightprotectionPlugin::head()}{/if}

Support paid version is carried out before 12.15.2017

Support the free version will not be performed.

Free version will be introduced 12.15.2017