Commercial Offer

Commercial Offer for Shop-Script

Allows to print the contents of the Cart.

1.3.6 February 16, 2020
Now you can set the settlements where the offer button is displayed. After the update, be sure to set this parameter in the plugin settings.
1.3.5 February 25, 2019
Added compatibility with Shop-Script 8
1.3.4 November 8, 2018
Improved work with services.
Added display of the name of the manager.
1.3.3 September 7, 2017
Correction for customer bug report.
1.3.2 May 28, 2017
Correction of the bug of csrf, which appeared in the last update of the Store.
1.3.1 August 10, 2016
Improved compatibility with the updated framework.
1.3.0 April 19, 2016
Fixed currency conversion
Reworked plugin settings interface
1.2.6 March 3, 2016
Fixed error loading the button template.
1.2.5 January 30, 2016
Fixed error when deleting images.
1.2.3 November 20, 2015
Added the ability to use a commercial offer for the invoice in the admin panel.

Added settings to show or hide plugin buttons.
1.2.1 June 18, 2015
Fixed bug with not correct display of prices.
1.2.0 May 26, 2015
Added ability to edit templates.
Added the ability to insert a logo.
1.1.6 March 11, 2015
Added display of additional services, if they have been selected in the cart.
1.1.5 October 29, 2014
Fixed translation errors
1.1.4 October 8, 2014
Fixed bug when updating settings when there was no picture.
1.1.3 October 2, 2014
Fixed a bug with the definition of the file extension of the stamp.
Fixed bug with deleting images.
Fixed some bugs template.
Fixed screenshots and documentation.
1.1.1 July 21, 2014
Fixed crash if not uploaded image stamp when you save commercial offer in format excel.
1.1.0 July 16, 2014
Added ability to save Commercial Offer to excel format.
Expanded configuration.
Carried out some cosmetic changes.
April 30, 2014
First version released.