Christmas decoration 3 in 1

Christmas decoration 3 in 1 for Shop-Script

Christmas balls, snowflakes, christmas tree

1.5.0 September 23, 2021
Added 2 new balls colors: green and multicolor.
1.4 December 10, 2019
Fixed the problem of "double implementation" when adding a plug-in to other applications when using a personal theme.
1.3 December 10, 2019
Now you can use the plugin in other applications (you need to add {if $ wa-> shop} {shopCmnewyearPlugin :: code ()} {/ if} in the footer.html of the template for another application (for example, "Site")).

A new settings option "Tree Size" allows you to change the display scale of the Christmas tree.

Refactored snowflake animation (solves performance issues on older devices).

Fixed the scaling problem when using snowflakes in the mobile version when changing the screen orientation.
1.2 January 7, 2019
Fixed checkbox logic and work "Active every year"
1.1 December 10, 2018
Added option "Advanced CSS (Mobile Version)".

Removed jQuery dependency (it will be added on page automatically if need).
September 21, 2018
First version released.