Chatra - live chat

Chatra - live chat for Shop-Script

Plugin for live chat service.

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Modern Live Chat and Cart Saver
  1. Visitor asks a question on your site via live chat
  2. You and your team instantly help them out
  3. Happy visitor becomes a satisfied customer

Plugin helps you to integrate live chat to your site without template changes.

Additional features:

  • Customize color theme
  • Send you user's info to live chat

You need free registration at to use all features.
Distinctive Features:

  • Live typing insights. See what customers type before they hit "send". Save time on preparing an answer.
  • Cart Saving. Reduce cart abandonment rate, proactively contacting customers stuck on the check out.
  • Group chats. Make few agents talk to a customer in a group chat to solve pressing issues and delight with the level of service.
  • Visitor information. Know your customers — what page they are on, where are they from and what device and system they use to access your store
  • Lead capture. Chatra collects contact info even when you are offline or unavailable, so that you can get back to customers even if they left your site.
  • Triggered actions. Initiate conversations when certain criteria are met: target those customers who might be in need of assistance.
  • Free forever plan. Up to 5 agents can be online at the same time.
  • Live Chat done right:
    Not all live chats are born equal. Chatra delivers where others fail. That’s how it’s different:
  • Conversation history. We save past conversations for both you and your customers, so once they return the conversation continues in the same thread, as in a messenger app.
  • Correct typos. Correct answers after sending the message.
  • Agent photos visible pre-chat. After clicking on the widget, visitors can see photos and names of the online agents, even before they start chatting. This is highly engaging and can lift a number of quality chat interactions.
  • Works everywhere. Never lose a customer again. Even if he’s on Nintendo 3DS or a Windows Phone.
  • Looks & feels as a messenger app. Smooth animations, avatars, beautiful design.
  • Simple, straightforward pricing
  • Free plan, or $9 per agent/month
  • Web dashboard, desktop apps for Windows & Mac, Android & iOS — we’ve got you covered. Sign up to download! For all features check


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