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Install Live Chat for your website - ChatAndBot plugin directly from your Webasyst backend using the Installer app.

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ChatAndBot – live chat for your website + chat bot.

Live chat will help you quickly respond to site visitors, and a chat bot will reduce the burden on operators by automating answers to frequently asked questions.

Key Features:

Absence of our brand on the widget Our brand is absent even on the free rate.

You can automate standard dialogs and reduce the operator's workload.

Support for 168 languages
The chat widget can be customized for 168 languages. The language is selected depending on the visitor's browser settings.

Shift of the chat badge
Adjust the location of the chat badge to match your site's design.

Requesting customer information
The chat form can be filled with additional fields to request information (email, name, and so on) about the client.

Answer templates
Create quick answers for standard questions.

Group operators by department and show department selection in the chat. The client will select the department and the question will go to the right specialist.

Transferring a chat to another operator
If necessary, the chat can be transferred to another operator.

And much more
For more information about the live chat, click here ChatAndBot