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Images for categories for Shop-Script

Up to five images, support SVG and Retina

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The "Images for categories" plugin allows you to attach up to five images! for each category

Virtually every store is faced with the need to attach an image for a category, whether it is an icon in the menu or a promo block on the main page or a banner on the category page

This plugin provides this opportunity and even more!

Benefits of this plugin

Vector Image Support

Using vector images in the menu and category lists is not only better looks and gives an improved look but also weigh less than raster and better perceived by goodle pagespeed

SEO oriented file names

When uploading an image, it is assigned not a generated name, but a transliterated   the name of the uploaded file is useful for SEO promotion


OpenGraph format support

You can customize the output of the selected image in the OpenGraph micro markup.   Useful for search engines and posting on social networks.


Retina support

More and more people have devices with a Retina display, especially if you sell high-quality, expensive products.   Plugin to improve the display of images on these devices by generating the desired version of the file   (your design theme should support this functionality)


Flexible image size management

The plugin provides the largest possible for generating a thumbnail of the required size.   You can either specify the default size or request the desired one from the design theme.

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