Abandoned Carts

Abandoned Carts for Shop-Script

Sending notifications about forgotten products

With reminders to customers about their abandoned shopping cart you can return about 20% of buyers and even more!
And in 54% of cases if you will remind to a buyer about his cart in the next two hours you will get your client back and he will make a payment.

Over the next 1-3 days, you can still get about 10% of abandoned baskets alive. It is recommended to send the client a few letters, often about 3 letters. Each of them must be unique and have targeted content. For example, in the first letter should be reminded of the abandoned cart; in the second you should offer a discount or a bonus, and in the third — free shipping.

Main features

  1. The plugin keeps contacts and shopping cart of a person, who started the checkout process. If it was not started, but buyer has been logged in, a cart will be saved anyway.
  2. You can set up an unlimited number of automatic or manual email and/or SMS notification.
  3. Multi-storefronts full support.
  4. Possibility to send a test message to check format of a letter (SMS).
  5. You'll have a detailed report on the notifications sent in "Reports" section.

Nice bonuses

  • Compatible with order on the same page plugins.
  • Contacts are being saved even if a user did not submit a form.

You need to configure a two things for a properly work:
1. create the first message (just click on the «Create» button at a settings page);
2. set up a cron (instruction).


Seem a little pricey at $50? Some quick math… say your average order value is $20. So, this plugin needs to recover only 3 orders for you to pay for a License! Surprised? Go grab this one!