Carousel of goods

Carousel of goods for Shop-Script

Automatic scrolling list of items in the store.

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Plugin "Carousel goods " provides automatic scrolling list of products on the pages of your store.

The following settings:
  • Show / hide
  • Select the list to be scrolled
  • delay interval when scrolling elements ( in seconds). When set to 0 to disable the automatic scrolling .
  • Scroll step ( how many goods scroll for 1 time )
  • number of visible elements ( when set to 0 will display as many items as will fit .)
  • Display navigation arrows (hand scroll left / right )
  • Specify the file name
  • responsible for output product list. Search this file should be in your theme design. If you leave this field blank, the form will be used by the output "default ".

  • Settings page allows you to add , delete, edit your "carousel" of goods. Such "Carousel" on the store page can be any number . Settings for each set separately.

    Note :
    This module works with lists of products , so if you need to configure the plugin to the desired list has already been created . Create a list of items you can tab "Products" application "Shop" by selecting the "Lists".

    Plugin operates on the basis of the script jCarousellite .

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