Carousel of goods

Carousel of goods for Shop-Script

Automatic scrolling list of items in the store.

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Plugin "Carousel goods " provides automatic scrolling list of products on the pages of your store.

Despite the fact that the plugin is compatible with the old version of PHP 7.2, we recommend using it on systems with PHP 7.4, 8.0 for faster and more stable work.

The following settings:
  • Show / hide
  • Select the list to be scrolled
  • delay interval when scrolling elements ( in seconds). When set to 0 to disable the automatic scrolling .
  • Scroll step ( how many goods scroll for 1 time )
  • number of visible elements ( when set to 0 will display as many items as will fit .)
  • Display navigation arrows (hand scroll left / right )
  • Specify the file name
  • responsible for output product list. Search this file should be in your theme design. If you leave this field blank, the form will be used by the output "default ".

  • Settings page allows you to add , delete, edit your "carousel" of goods. Such "Carousel" on the store page can be any number . Settings for each set separately.

    Note :
    This module works with lists of products , so if you need to configure the plugin to the desired list has already been created . Create a list of items you can tab "Products" application "Shop" by selecting the "Lists".

    Plugin operates on the basis of the script jCarousellite .

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