Callback for Shop-Script

Simple and quick callback form

0.8.2 April 12, 2018
Added: Multi-storefront support.
Deleted: The template editor in the plugin settings.
Attention! After the update, the user's previous version templates will be moved to the wa-data/public/site/ directory, access to this directory can be obtained from the Site-File manager.
0.8.1 September 29, 2017
Added ability to send SMS-notifications.
0.8.0 September 12, 2017
Fixed a minor bugs.
0.7.9 July 5, 2017
— Fixed bugs that occur when the plugin works in other applications (Site, Blog, Photo).
0.7.8 June 21, 2017
Has been added the ability to confirm privacy conditions and protection of personal data.
Improved security.
0.7.7 May 22, 2017
The Google reCAPTCHA conflict on the registration and reviews page has been fixed.
0.7.6 May 20, 2017
Absolute links was replaced by relative ones.
Fixed a plugin compatibility with the "Store" app of 7.2.10 version.
0.7.5 February 24, 2017
Added a fixed button for open a callback form.
Added ability to change the icon on the button "Order a call".
Added animation.
Fixed minor bugs.
0.7.4 September 13, 2016
Note, as a result of the update, the current templates (HTML, JS, CSS) will be deleted.
Added the input mask for phone number.
Added ability to specify a time to call back.
Improved the mobile version layout.
Support older versions of Shop-Script: 5, 6.
0.7.3 August 10, 2016
Support Google reCAPTCHA
0.7.2 July 15, 2016
Valid HTML5 and CSS3.
Modified template editor.
Warning! As a result of updating the current template will be removed.
0.7.1 April 29, 2016
Fixed minor bugs.
Removed some contact fields.
0.7.0 November 25, 2015
Fixed bugs in the backend of the plugin.
0.6.9 November 13, 2015
Storing a callback requests in the backend.
0.6.8 September 29, 2015
Fixed the plugin localization bug.
0.6.7 September 15, 2015
Correction of design.
0.6.6 September 1, 2015
Removing support of static fields in callback form.
0.6.5 July 29, 2015
Fixed a bug that changed the language of the site.
0.6.4 July 7, 2015
Fix of a plugin localization in the other applications.
0.6.3 June 29, 2015
The opportunity to use plugin in other applications by a JQuery is removed.
Added ability to insert the plugin into other applications by a Smarty.
0.6.2 April 27, 2015
Sending the callback orders to multiple email addresses.
Added the custom fields editor in the backend.
Auto-filling fields in the frontend from customer profile.
Added the JQuery plugin iButton in backend.
Custom text message that are displayed in the frontend after a successful send.
Improved positioning of the callback window.
0.6.1 February 24, 2015
Fixed an error when using the plugin in other applications.
0.6.0 January 12, 2015
Added function to restore the default template.
Correction localization.
Improved positioning on the page.
Added function of hide template.
Replaced a close button.
Changed the shadow color of header and text.
0.5.9 November 24, 2014
English version added.
July 25, 2014
First version released.