Callback for Shop-Script

Simple and quick callback form

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Request form for callback to the buyer phone.

  • automatic plugin output in site header by using the hook;
  • embed Smarty code for use the plugin in the templates of a Shop and other applications (like Site, Blog and others);
  • adding / removing form fields;
  • multiple storefronts support;
  • sending orders notifications to phone or email;
  • sending the callback orders to multiple email addresses;
  • auto-filling fields in the frontend from customer profile;
  • additional information about the customer: URL;
  • storing a callback requests in the backend;
  • custom background color and text by using the ColorPicker;
  • set custom position of callback button on a page;
  • valid HTML5 and CSS3;
  • convenient HTML editor;
  • fixed button;
  • displays security code (captcha) at the option;
  • custom text message that are displayed in the frontend after a successful send;
  • support Shop-Script 6;
  • adaptive layout.