Сallback for Shop-Script

Making a request for a callback

1.4.0 June 21, 2017
- A checkbox confirming consent to the personal data processing was added (turn on the appropriate options on the plugin settings page)
- Plugin code was optimized and some bugs was fixed
1.3.0 August 4, 2016
- The count of requests in plugin's admin page added in settings
- Minor improvements and enhancements
1.2.3 December 21, 2015
Minor bug fixes
1.2.2 September 28, 2015
Fixed settings code for last shop update
1.2.1 September 9, 2015
Fix minor bugs.
1.2.0 September 4, 2015
1. Added new setting - Comment .
2. Added saving and displaying in the admin panel page url that the user used the plugin.
3. Improved the removal of requests. Now all previously deleted requests assigned the status finished, still have the opportunity to include their view.
4. Added the ability to completely remove the request without the possibility of further review in the general table.
5. Made minor cosmetic fixes in the admin panel and settings.
6. Fixed several minor bugs.
1.1.0 July 15, 2015
1. Added an input mask for the phone that allows you to set a specific number pattern.
2. Added the ability to use plugin in other applications and switch off fronend_head hook.
3. Added button to close the form in the form of a cross.
4. Added a link to the phone number in the letter for unable to call from a mobile device.
5. Added information about the quantity of new requests.
6. In case an error occurs when sending the letter, the application still remains in the database and available in the admin panel of the plugin.
7. Added close the form when you press Esc.
8. Added the form submission when the Enter key is pressed.
9. Added focus to the Name field when the form opens.
10. Added display of the label, "No requests." after you remove all queries from the admin panel.
11. Added settings to edit the background color of the Close button upon successful form submission and error.
12. Added the ability to edit the text and color of the message on successful form submission.
13. Added tooltip with a more detailed description of the settings.
July 3, 2015
First version released.