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Simple search products in backend Lite for Shop-Script

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Description of "Simple search products in backend - Lite" plugin features.

This plugin is the Lite version of existing main "Simple search products in backend" plugin.

The main idea is that the Lite version doesn't have extended search. This Lite version is needed if you don't use extended search and also as a Demo version of the main product. If after using this Lite version you enjoy it and you want to upgrade to the "Main" version you could.

Using Simple search in category

As you see on the screenshot it is simple field with three icons, in this type of view you can search products by id, url, name, description, short description and vendor code or sku

  • 1. After clicking on the settings icon, popup is open and you can set new settings without going to settings page, it is convenient if you want to check different types of search
  • 2. Search icon is for simple search, also you can use enter after filling the field, also Enter button works too
  • 3. Clear icon just clear search field and clear all searched and made data in category to previous state

Settings popup

Click on setting icon and save your own

  • 1. First settings, select type of search, by default search by each words, but in phrase splitting by each word
  • 2. Second settings, select columns for searching phrase, by default search by all columns, you may choose that order you need, for example only by name, if you disable all columns in this case all of them will be enabled automatically


This plugin is the simple version of Main "Simple search products in backend" plugin,

The Plugin has been made if you need simple search without extended full search by many parameters and if you want simple search without moving to search partition and want to see results in current category,

If you enjoy the plugin, and it works as you suppose and it safe your time during the search products, you can upgrade your Lite version to Extended,

Just write to Email, write your domain name and that you want to upgrade, the discount will be provide You in cost of Lite version,

Idea of this plugin came after i couldn't find what i need quickly and in addition to the first plugin "Product filtering" this both complement each other,

Thanks for reading), cheers,


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