Simple search products in backend

Simple search products in backend for Shop-Script

Find goods in category by many parameters

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Description of "Simple search products in backend" plugin features.

This plugin helps search products in category and other partitions in simple way, search products and stay in the same category or list or type without jumping to other search page, all things will have been searched in current page, fast and simple

Using Simple search in category

As you see on the screenshot it is simple field with three icons, in this type of view you can search products by id, url, name, description, short description and vendor code or sku

  • 1. After clicking on the puzzle icon you can use an additional popup constructor with extended functionality
  • 2. Search icon is for simple search, also you can use enter after filling the field
  • 3. Clear icon just clear search field and clear all searched and made data in category to previous state

Using Extended search in category

After click on a puzzle icon you can see simple search constructor where more opportunity for searching products below is a short list

  • 1. Search string is the same as in short simple mode
  • 2. Search by sum you can chose range from to, by default in each category ranged price calculated by this plugin, you can use only from or to
  • 3. Search by discount percent from 0 to 100, you can use two types by default it is calculated in purchased mode, in other case by vendor, this is set up in settings, click to icon settings to see more
  • 4. Search by date, also two type search products by added or edited
  • 5. Search by counts, you can use three types, common stocks, common selling or common ratings, also from and to you can use only from to infinity
  • 6. Search by Types of products
  • 7. Search by Stocks, you can search only products in selected stock/stocks
  • 8. Search by Lists of products


Opportunity of managing simple search popup

  • 1. Collapse icon, if you want to see during the search space under the popup you can just collapse popup
  • 2. Setting icon, for more managing simple search plugin
  • 3. Block for your saved searching list, you can save and use your saved searched data
  • 4. Drag icon, if in settings you choose the opportunity to move the popup and save it in your own position
  • 5. Clear icon, if you want to clear your search data in popup just use it
  • 6. Close icon, you can use if you want close popup and clear all searching data
  • 7. Save link, you can use it if you want to update/add your searching data
  • 8. Search button, for apple to search

Type of view

Opportunity of two types of view your popup square or inline types, choose what do you like and in settings choose position or use your own position of popup view

Example search by product vendor code

Settings popup

Click on setting icon and save your own

  • 1. First settings, by default if you move to another category searching popup will be closed or you can choose the option that popup will be closed only by close icon
  • 2. Type of form and position where the popup will be displayed
  • 3. Type of searching products by discount field, by purchase value or vendor code, as color, size etc.

If you reed to the end it is very good), i suppose this plugin helps you find need information in quick and simple way,

Idea of this plugin came after i can't find what i need quickly and in addition to my first plugin Product filtering this both complement each other,

Thanks for reading), cheers,


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