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Description of "Product filtering" plugin features.

The main idea of this plugin, to provide more fine tuning for the "product filtering parameters" when "category settings" has changed.

When you are using the plugin in the selected category, you can manage how to display the number of products in the category, just to apply product filtering to additional properties.

Also you can manage your products more flexibly, to apply filtering products not only for "dynamic" categories, but "static" categories too, thereby expanding the basic functionality of the store options that have been used only for "dynamic" categories.

Another additional important option that you can use, this is your custom discount sticker created automatically to each product, with auto updating by Cron every day.

Using plugin in category

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  • 1. After install plugin open settings category or add new category where you could manage plugin data, for more instructions use a picture below
  • 2. You can see how to apply your custom discount badge using the "discount by percent" option in the selected category, the badge will be automatically added and calculate percent for each filtering product in category

Common settings of plugin

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  • 1. This setting has been only for option "discount by percent", you could manage your custom badge and after apply calculated percent for each product will be displayed in value "#discount#" do not delete it for correct working, also for button "Delete badges" we use class "bwproductfiltering" do not delete it too
  • 2. This setting has been used only for option "discount by percent" too, it needs that you apply some settings in your product filtering category and forget about it and if prices will be changed for products, your custom badge with percent will be recalculated each day at 4 a.m. Just add this instruction in your server Cron
  • 3. This setting has been used if you want to make your own order of fields in each category, just drag fields as you want
  • 4. This setting has been used if you want to fix showing category filter in frontend block by sorted products in plugin parameters, now this is experimental functionality and should be used and tested for 8, 9 versions of Webasyst Shop-script, the request to developers was created for adding this functionality to standart Shop-script code, if you see something went wrong just disable this option, before you apply this settings you should clear cache

Category settings

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  • 1. For the first, the settings after start of using plugin is "disabled" you could choose "disabled" if you want clear space, all settings inside do not clear if you configured filter as you want
  • 2. The first option is "discount by percent" in filtering category, you could chose how to filter "by purchase value" or "by vendors code" in product settings it means two posibility ways, than you could range from 0 to 100 percent, and also create your own badge that will be get from plugin settings that you could manage as you want, all badges will be calculate own percent to each product in filtering category
  • 3. The second option is filtering "by name or description", you could chouse this option if you need filter some special product united by common for example brand or other staf, also you could combine it using by "|" between words or phrases it means "or" in context of product filtering in category
  • 4. In this case we make filtering and has shown products in category "by datetime" it means you could choose date where the product was created or edited, if you will use only datetime from the start of date it will be add dinamicly for the end date, also you could clear end of date if need that porducts filtering from selected start day to today
  • 5. Product filtering "by counts" this option have used 3 type "by product count", "by total siles" and "by rating count", all of this options use only counts from selected numbers up to selected by yours and or up to infinity
  • 6. This option we use if want product filtering that manager of shop have added products and if you have more than one manager of your store you could chose by this option
  • 7. If you use standart badges in your store you could product filtering "by badges", use this three types of options "new", "bestseller" and "bestprice"
  • 8. Also use option "by lists" in case if you want product filtering in category that have added to one of your own custom created list
  • 9. The option "by types" uses types that you have added and choose in product settings
  • 10. For today available 8 options that you could filter products for selected category, and if the list of options it is so long for you, you have aportunity "hide/show" last 4, this functionlity will apply for all categories, and in settings you could sort fields in order that fields important for you
  • 11. Delete badges, this button will delete all custom badges that added by "by discount percent" option, and only producuts that filtering with selected options, for example if only two products you see in category only for this two products badges will be deleted

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