Access to information, in product, category, order

Access to information, in product, category, order for Shop-Script

For managers in frontend, customer after payment

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Description of "Access to information, in product, category, order" plugin features.

The main idea of the plugin, providing access for 'Manager' or 'Group' of 'Administrators' in frontend categoryes, products, provide access for 'Customer' to additional information in order after creating.

Also possibility for exporting and importing, for created by plugin data and all store data such as category, products, orders to CSV file, for quick update data.

Short description:

  • The field available for 'Managers' in category
  • The short description field available for 'Managers' in products
  • The field available for 'Managers' in product
  • The field available for 'Customers' in order, after creating
  • Access to the fields for selected 'Manager' or 'Groups'
  • Possibility choose in settings 'Group' by default for access to the fields if 'Manager' or 'Group' are not selected for the current field
  • Possibility export and import data to CSV file, all data or only selected
  • Possibility use WYSIWYG editor or 'clean' field for editiong data
  • Information field in order, changing information by 'Manager' communicate with 'Customer' about order, lead order with 'Customer' to the success
  • Extended settings for category, product, order

Big Update 9 August 2022:

  • Add new settings, that enable for manage, common available products in stocks, or common available products, it could be visible only for managers with access in product
  • Added global access and rules
  • Deleted rules for custom form in product, added rules for groups trought plugin settings
  • Added posibility to create more than one group in plugin settings
  • Groups could be added any type with access and without in admin panel
  • Optimization of plugin code
  • Optimization of export/import
  • Added opportunity enable/disable form in order as for Customer and Manager
  • Added new settings for 3 types, order, product, category
  • Fix mistake related with saving data with html code editor
  • Added setting for each type that disable block not only in frontend but in backend too
  • Added setting for all types hide/show form in admin panel, it means for more space
  • Added status enable/disable for categories and products in frontend, posibility to disable information for all managers in frontend
  • Added new colors for frames in frontend
  • Rebuild view templates for frontend
  • Added method for show form in admin panel as the same as in frontend by groups but only super admin could see all forms in backend
  • Added new block to settings, color templates, for posibility adding to wysiwyg
  • Added opportunity to add code to custom places in category and product templates
  • Modify settings view of plugin, for each partition have added own tab, for more comfortable working with plugin settings
  • Added extended color template, new color template allow to add html template with title and text
  • Added setting enable/disable color template in forms, for quick add html color template in each form without moving to settings of plugin
  • Fix mistake related with html editor after hiding form throw the settings
  • Improve code of plugin

In category:

  • 1. Access to the field for 'Manager' in frontend category
  • 2. Access to the short products data in frontend category for each product
  • 3. Information category field for 'Manager' in backend

In product:

  • 4. Access to the field for 'Manager' in frontend product
  • 5. Information product field for 'Manager' in backend

In order:

  • 6. Access to the field for 'Customer' after creating order
  • 7. Information order field for 'Manager' in backend


  • 8. Common settings for the plugin, extended manage to settings in categories, products, orders
  • 9. Possibility export and import data to the CSV file, all data available in store or selected types such as categories, products, orders

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