Dynamic Seo Categories

Dynamic Seo Categories for Shop-Script

Fill the category by filtered products in frontend

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Description of "Dynamic Seo Categories" plugin features.

The main idea of the plugin, automatically fill the category by filtered products, using by filter URL links in fron tend. In this case you could prepare a new Seo category for your customers from more than one different filtered category from your Store. You could use this plugin for getting links not only to your main store domain, but clones, multi domains and other types of uri.

In front end:

  1. Prepare new filter link in your category
  2. Push the icon for copy URL filter or select URI in hand mode throught ctrl+C
  3. After copy link to clipboard you should add this link in Admin panel category and manage your new Seo category as on slide, see below

Edit Admin panel category:

  1. Create new Seo category(static) and add new filter link item in plugin, after paste the link from clipboard, that you copied in front end category
  2. After pushing the save button, for each link from the front end will be attached products to your new Seo category, the product will be attached from another category not added. It means that in this Seo category you could fill by lots of different filtered links from front end
  3. Next you could add filter to your new Seo category and also could add this filtered seo category for another Seo category it is possible because products attached to category and update in automatic mode
  4. Add Crontab in your Store and update each day at 5 a.m. your new Seo categories dynamically
  5. This plugin could save your time, for instance if you fill Seo category in hand mode, this plugin could do it automatically


  1. Cron settings, just add this link to your Crontab, more information in documentation link in plugin settings
  2. Setting for the access to your copy URL filters icon, this icon could see only Administrators or Groups of administrators, this icon helps you save your time for copy all the time ctrl+C in hand mode
  3. - Export plugin data from Your Store to CSV format, could possible variant exporting all categories of your store for quick fill data and updating in CSV file.
    - Import data in CSV file and updating data of your store, you could enable and disable each filter link in Seo category, this method allows to manage data without editing each category in hand mode, after import data processed automatically, updated and recalculated for all products in each Seo category.


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