Weight and size parameters to calculate shipping

Weight and size parameters to calculate shipping for Shop-Script

Volumetric weight calculation for shipping plugins

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Bulk weight calculation plugin for delivery plugins.

The plugin calculates the total volume and weight of the order. According to the received volume, the volumetric weight is calculated according to the settings (in the default settings, the value for road transport is used - 200 kg per 1 m3). According to the rules of transport companies, a larger weight is selected from the physical and volume, which is transferred to the delivery plugin.

The dimensions of the order are transmitted in the average version based on the volume of the order, assuming that the entire order is a cube.

Additionally, the plugin has settings:

  • set default dimensions for products without dimension
  • set default dimensions for order without dimension
  • add some value to the size measurement of each item in the order
  • add some value to the size measurement of the whole order
  • add some weight to the whole order
  • percentage increase in total volume
  • setting the value for volumetric weight calculation
In the step-by-step ordering mode, Shop-Script does not calculate the size of the shipment and the plugin does not start!


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