Found cheaper?

Found cheaper? for Shop-Script

Offer the best price guarantee

1.3 October 28, 2018
Added new field type: Name
Link in the letter to the contact if the visitor is authorized on the site
1.2.4 June 7, 2018
When replying to a letter with a request, used Email from the form
1.2.3 May 23, 2018
Small improvements in the code of the plugin
1.2.2 May 12, 2018
Accounting for the value of the mask if the phone field is optional
1.2.1 December 3, 2017
More complete support of themes: Supreme, TopShop, ProStore, YourShop
1.2 September 23, 2017
added the ability to display the "Found cheaper" button only for certain products more
1.1.1 August 24, 2017
Fix bug
1.1 August 23, 2017
Add settings "For goods in available"
August 18, 2017
First version released.