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Found cheaper? for Shop-Script

Offer the best price guarantee

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This plugin allows you to organize the "best price guarantee" functionality -   You can always attract a buyer, offering him a little less than competitors

Does the plugin display the "Found cheaper?" Button In the goods card,   When a button is clicked, a pop-up form with invisible spam protection appears.


After filling out the form, a letter with this application comes to the manager's address.

The plugin itself includes a mask for the phone,   And disabling scripts if you have the appropriate plugin.

The built-in form constructor will allow you to collect exactly the data you need.

Support for the implementation of Yandex metrics and Google Analitics.

Support for settings for each showcase, the ability to edit    plugin templates and CSS / JS files directly in the plugin's settings.

Always open to a dialogue (

  • consultation in the configuration
  • we will consider your wishes on completion and expansion of the functionality (we include them in subsequent updates)
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