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Automatic generation of meta tags

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The plugin allow to use automatic generation of meta tags for the following pages of the application:

  • product page
  • category page
  • brand page
  • tag page
  • static page

    Automatically generated by the following tags:

    • meta-title
    • meta-keywords
    • meta-description

    The plugin allows you to use almost any information related to the current entity to generate meta tags of page. We'll continuously add new placeholders for patterns that will allow even more flexibility to customize the generated value of meta tags.

    Example automatically generate is meta-title for the product page:
    You can buy Led Lenser P3 AFS P in Kiev for just 410 UAH. Delivery and warranty on all products.

    Instruction Classic example - you need to use custom meta-title for the product page. Go to the plugin settings and select from the "Title type for Product" drop-down list next value "Use pattern". This will be enable the generation of a title meta-tag on the product pages. Next, use the "Pattern title to Product" input, inserting the desired pattern to generate. The pattern may consist of ordinary words and words masks. The word mask (begins and ends with :: ) when processing is replaced by the value of associating with the current product. For example, the mask :: product.mtitle :: will be replaced by the value of the field "Product title" from the product editing page. So, you can use the pattern Buy in Kiev just ::product.price:: and get the following value for the meta-title: Buy Apple MacBook Air 13 "(MD760LL / A) in Kiev for just 12,451 UAH.

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