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Address Autocomplete for Shop-Script

It is easy to input the address in one click.

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In the «API key» field, insert the key that you obtained earlier . If you accidentally missed the process of obtaining the API key, go to the «Obtaining the API key» page, and then return to this step.

You can limit address prompts to a specific list of countries . Disable the plugin for specific forms of address inputting, if it is necessary .

We recommend you to select «Street address» field for auto-tips, but you may choose any other text field in the input form.

You should set the permissible accuracy for specify a valid location to provide the user with the ability to input an address in one click. The corresponding icon will appear next to the name of the field for which auto-tips are disabled, if the location is determined with sufficient accuracy. You should click on it to input the address.

If you are not satisfied with the width of the prompt box , matched automatically, you can specify it manually .

In the settings you can choose «Type of prompts» . The default value is «address», because users are looking for a full mailing address usually. Choose a «geocode» if you want to allow users to fill in such locations as: «Office Park Building», «New York Stock Exchange», «Reichstag/Bundestag» and others.

If your customers are located in the same city or region mainly, then you can use the «Preferred address point» and «Radius of priority address» settings to specify this area. To see the priority address area, you can click on the icon . Addresses from this area will be priority in the list of prompts and will be placed at the top of the list.