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Address Autocomplete for Shop-Script

It is easy to input the address in one click.

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To get the API key, go to the «Google APIs» website and sign in with your Google account or register if you do not have one.

If you do not have any projects on the Google APIs website, click the «Create Project» button .

Name the project and click on the «Create» button .

After you added a project (or it was created earlier), you should select it in the top panel . If the project name is already indicated on the top panel it was selected earlier. Go to the next step.

Enter the names and then enable (if they are disabled) three APIs in the search line :

Then go back to the main page of the «Google APIs» website, for example, by clicking on the service logo in the upper left corner.

Go to the «Credentials» section in the left vertical menu, click on the «Create credentials» button and select «API key» in the list that appears.

You will see the form «API key created». Copy «Your API key» and you can go to configure the plugin.