Badges for Shop-Script

Automatic creation of badges for products

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7 days free

To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend. Free trial is available in the Webasyst Cloud only.

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Badge editor let you change font family, color, alignment. Also you can set margins for the text to position it where you want.

For most badge shapes you can use more than one text line. Because of this you will be able to style each line of text.

In text field you can use HTML. You can add your own styles, ad link or script. Also you can use Smarty.

Because the badge is displayed for the product, You always have the information about the product stored in the variable {$product}.

You can use this constructions:

  • {$} - product name;
  • {$product.sku_code} - SKU code;
  • {$product.sku_name} - SKU name;
  • {$product.summary} - Product summary;
  • {$product.create_datetime} - Product create datetime;
  • {$product.edit_datetime} - Product edit datetime;
  • {$product.rating} - Product rating;
  • {$product.rating_count} - Product rating count;
  • {$product.price} - Product price;
  • {$product.compare_price} - Product compare price;
  • {$product.purchase_price} - Product purchase price;
  • {shop_currency($product.price, true)} - Product price with currency;
  • {shop_currency($product.compare_price, true)} - Product compare price with currency;
  • {shop_currency($product.purchase_price, true)} - Product purchase price with currency;
  • {shop_currency_html($product.price, true)} - Product price with ruble sign;
  • {shop_currency_html($product.compare_price, true)} - Product compare price with ruble sign;
  • {shop_currency_html($product.purchase_price, true)} - Product purchase price with ruble sign;
  • {$product.margin} - Product price minus Product purchase price;
  • {$product.margin_comp} - Product compare price minus Product price;
  • {$product.sku_count} - Stock count;
  • {$|wa_datetime:"humandate"} - current Datetime, processed by function wa_datetime.
  • {$product.discount_percentage} - Discount percentage. Calculated from the compare price.
  • {counter date="26.09.2017"} - Countdown.

Copy construction you need and paste to the text field.

You also have an access for optional set of custom parameters. Use code:


where key - custom parameter.


You can use countdown in the text field. Use code construction:

{counter date="26.12.2017"}

You also can mention time:

{counter date="26.12.2017" time=23:15:17"}