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The generation codes of the articles of the goods

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The plugin sets or clears a code, the articles of the goods, all the goods at once or separately.
Code of the article (excluding the delimiters) is formed from the "ID" item and "SORT" (the sequence number of the marking of goods), you can add separators between them.
And also you can use as prefix the name of the category after the reduction and/or transliteration.
Prefix, Postfix and separator can be any text character or a digit.
Cleaning-removal codes to articles of the goods is the same as building them for all the goods at once or separately.

This plugin is suitable for those who do not want to manually set the codes, and also for those who want to organize their goods in the shop, on the article, asking if this unique code and is tied to the name of the root directory of the selected item for easier orientation in it.


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