Animations for Shop-Script

Fast solution for adding animation to the site

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7 days free

To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend. Free trial is available in the Webasyst Cloud only.


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Instructions for configuring the plugin.

1. Open the application "Store" - "Plugins" - "Animations" - check the box "Enable plugin" - click "Save".
2. Press the "Add animation" button - specify the CSS selector (see below for how to get the CSS selector), select the animation and the "Event Type" in the "Animation" drop-down menu. Click the Add button.
3. Done, you can check the result on the storefront.

How to find CSS element selector?
1. Open the storefront, hover over the desired item.
2. Call the menu with the right mouse button, click "Explore item" or "View code".
3. In the "Inspector" the desired tag will be highlighted, hover over it and press the right mouse button, select "Copy" - CSS selector from the menu.