Universal interactive discount

Universal interactive discount for Shop-Script

Draw attention to promotions and discounts

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Adaptive plugin automatically detects the screen resolution and correct display.

Supporttouch technology will ensure the correct control by touch on mobile devices.

The plugin remembers the user's action when contacting the discount coupon (opening and closing) and will not allow repetition.

The plugin provides settings rediscovery (when closed): time and number of pages.

Tab — settings

Provides features such as:

  • allows you to set the duration of the "interactive discount";
  • insert interactive links will redirect the buyer to the desired page;
  • and others.

Tab - registration

Select the design of three proposed themes, designed by professional designer:

  1. Christmas design will give a sense of fairy tales, warmth and comfort. Use this type of design in the new year holidays, and all winter in the period of realization winter range.
  2. Designed in the style of "Camouflage" is associated with strength, courage and care. Use to design the online store to defender of the Fatherland Day, for registration of pages offering products for men, recreation, fishing and military themes.
  3. Floral design is associated with tenderness, love and femininity. This is a great decoration online shop for the holiday - March 8 for registration of pages offering products associated with beauty in the spring and a woman.
  4. A special feature of this tab is to upload your background image "interactive discount".

Tab - interactive element

Depending on the choice of animation effect You will be offered a list of schemes animation effects:

Animation "Erasable"

  • with Christmas design - Your guests red mitten looks like a snowy veil otdelemy their discounts (the default);
  • when designing camouflage — users of the knife will remove the green camouflage under which is hidden off (default);
  • with floral design — Your customers. acisout from flowers/petals discount;
  • You can set your "erase" the image and "scraper".

Animation "Looked Like"

This effect hides the discount under the rose petals/flowers or You can upload your image.

Select what buyers will swipe discount brush/hand/glove or upload your image.

This effect provides the appearance of a cat, which will attract the attention of visitors to the plugin. Set its color and time of appearance.

Animation "Shoot"

By default, set the target, the sight and bullet hole from the plugin "Interactive discount to the Day of defender of the Fatherland", get creative and upload your image.

Technical information:

  • The plugin is implemented in JavaScript code when opening (erase) discounts. You can set goals Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics or redirect to the correct page
  • There are events at the beginning of the Erasure and end, You can "subscribe" and perform the desired actions (collecting statistics etc.).
  • Your theme must support fronterHead hook