Accessories to the product

Accessories to the product for Shop-Script

Accessories to the product divided by groups.

2.1.0 May 15, 2019
  • - Added the ability to massively add accessories to the product. It turns on and off in the plugin settings. If this option is enabled, then after searching by the first letters, you can select all necessary accessories with the checkboxes in the found list and add them to the product in large quantities;
  • - Fixed several non-critical errors in the plugin;
2.0.1 May 26, 2018
  1. The bug of the previous update has been fixed. Empty groups in Frontend are now hidden.
  2. Added a helper {shopAccessoryPlugin :: getAccessoriesCount ($} that allows you to get the full number of accessories from the product (convenient for displaying headers, tabs, and other design elements)
2.0 May 5, 2018

- now when you specify an accessory to the product, you can specify a specific article (size, color, etc.) of the accessory ;

- Improved the appearance of the plugin in the frontend (adaptability, viewing photo accessories when hovering);

- can be set at the plugin settings level, the way to add it to the Shopping cart. You can select with "checkboxes" and at once add to the basket all selected accessories, or click on the "Add to Cart" button in front of each accessory;

- the ability to specify accessories "by default", for each group. These accessories will always be displayed for products;

- the ability to randomly output the N-th number of accessories from the selected product category;

- the ability to specify that only one of the offered accessories ("radiobutton") can be selected from this group;

- accessories can be prohibited from displaying photos and you can add comments to each accessory;

- you can disable the output of accessories that are not available;

- you can display accessories with a single list, without splitting them into groups;

Warning! For those who already use the plugin!
Before updating the plugin it is recommended to make a backup copy of the database. And it is desirable to contact the author of the plugin before updating. Help author plugin, as part of the transition to the new version is free.

October 9, 2014
First version released.