Accessories to the product

Accessories to the product for Shop-Script

Accessories to the product divided by groups.

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The plugin "Accessories to the product" allows you to add to the goods, additional accessories, sorted by group.

The plugin can be useful for release of accessories, goods, kits and assemblies of the goods. Also, the plugin can be used to improve the SEO promotion of the store, without the labor costs of the content manager. You can use it for use in the product, N random items from the category category were displayed. You can specify a set of accessories "by default", which are displayed for all products of a certain type.

For convenience, the accessories groups are tied to the Product Type. Accordingly, each type of product has its own group of accessories. Groups are specified in the plugin settings.

To speed up the work in the plugin, a massive addition of accessories to the product of one type is realized.

In the plugin settings, you can edit the template in the product card.

The plugin allows you to configure a flexible list of accessories to the product. For example, you can display the "Add to Cart" button in frontend of each accessory, or you can easily switch the plugin mode in a mode where you can select "checkboxes" in the desired application and add it all times to the Cart.

You can disable "Accessories to the product" at any place in the plugin's settings, output a standard template and use the shopAccessoryPlugin :: getAccessories ($ helper You can see its usage in a standard template.

An example of how the "Accessories to the product" plugin works can be viewed in the screenshots.

The plugin author provides comprehensive help on the implementation and configuration of the plugin.

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