Plugin to add “pickup” type shipping options. If you need to make several pickup options available to customers, add multiple copies of this plugin’s settings.

Plugin’s features

  • selection of currency to specify shipping cost,
  • selection of measure units to specify order dimensions and weight,
  • saving of order storage period,
  • saving of order delivery time to pickup point,
  • limitation of a geographical area of customers to whom an order pickup point must be available, including a country, a region, and locality names,
  • saving of pickup point geographical coordinates to show them on an online map,
  • limitation of maximum order dimensions and weight,
  • option of free pickup in case of order cost not less than specified minimum amount,
  • option to add extra markup for order dimensions or weight above specified limits,
  • option to select a pickup point’s workdays and business hours with optional extra workdays and days off,
  • uploading of pickup point photos to be shown to customers during checkout.