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Pocket Lists PRO for Pocket Lists app

Boosts order processing up to the 80 lvl

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To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend.


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Improves the functionality of the Pocket Lists app with a set of advanced features:

  • Status labels: status labels enable you to mark to-dos with colors and text labels for better and a more sophisticated organization. The list of available labels is system-wide and applicable for all to-dos no matter of a pocket or a list.
  • Kanban board: brings all tasks into a kanban view based on status labels.
  • Shortcuts (quick entry templates): shortcuts help you create to-dos even faster. When creating a new to-do item, shortcuts will be offered as suggestions depending on your current input and will allow you to add to-dos with simple clicks instead of a keyboard input.
  • Activity: a chronological log of all actions performed with to-dos, lists, and pockets.
  • Advanced Shop-Script integration: automated to-do creation based on actions performed with orders.

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