Cryptomus Payment Gateway: Accept Bitcoin & Altcoins

Cryptomus Payment Gateway: Accept Bitcoin & Altcoins

Accept BTC, ETH, USDT and Other Crypto Payments

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Install Cryptomus Payment Gateway: Accept Bitcoin & Altcoins plugin directly from your Webasyst backend using the Installer app.

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Accept Payments in Cryptocurrency for Your Business with Webasyst

Integrate Payments in Cryptocurrency for Your Business – Webasyst for Cryptomus Payment Gateway The Cryptomus plugin for your Webasyst website will help your business to enable fully automated crypto payments processing. The plugin is suitable for those who aim for secure and convenient crypto acquiring and now it is easier than ever.

With the help of the payment gateway, invoice your clients in all the popular cryptocurrencies, including USDT, Bitcoin, ETH and many others, receive payments and get cryptocurrency converted to fiat at current exchange rates.

Cryptomus Plugin for Webasyst Features

  • The entirely automated system allows you to set it once and not to waste time on it anymore
  • Instant payment confirmations and order status updates
  • The gateway allows you to set prices in your preferred fiat currency, with the corresponding cryptocurrency amount calculated in real-time based on exchange rates
  • With just a transaction fee from 0.4 to 2% and no recurring or setup charges, this payment gateway is a cost-effective solution

Why Choose Cryptomus

  • Setup the Cryptomus Webasyst plugin today to start accepting cryptocurrency payments at your website with ease.
  • Fast transactions: Wait no more – payments are debited to your merchant account almost instantly.
  • Low transaction fees: Up to 2% and never higher. Contact our team to make them even lower.
  • Enhanced security level: Cryptomus is more than just secure – our safety measures are all you need to be sure your funds are protected.
  • Total anonymity: To sign up, you don’t even need an email or phone number. The process itself takes a minute – just authorize through TonKeeper, MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  • No hidden fees: Pay only for the transaction
  • Go global: Available in all countries around the world
  • 20+ coins supported: And if it is not enough, simply request the coin you need and it will appear in your dashboard within 24 hours
  • Auto-withdrawal: Set the needed time interval and your funds will be withdrawn automatically.
  • Mass payouts: Pay your employees or other groups of people in one click.
  • Customer support service: Responsive and reliable – that’s our support team! They work round the clock to be able to solve your issues anytime.