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Helpdesk with advanced opportunities

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To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend. Free trial is available in the Webasyst Cloud only.

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Plugin Helpdesk PRO extends opportunities of application Helpdesk.

You will get

Mobile version of all application

Process requests from any device. You will have access to all the functionality of the full version.

Ability of creating new requests from messages

Clients often continue communication in old requests instead of creating new requests. Plugin will help to create new requests from messages. You no longer need to copy text, attachments, contact data to transfer message to new request.

Favourite messages

Highlight useful messages. In a long conversation you can easily lose an important message. Plugin will help you to mark that message.

Spam list

If you don't want to get requests from specific emails, mark them as spam. Request, added to spam, will be automatically deleted and spam email will not be able to send you messages. You also can delete contact with request.

Contact fields constructor

Display any contact fields inside on the request page (website, address, email, phone, company etc.). You can change field appearance and places of output. Each manager has individual settings.

Additional fields constructor

Additional fields (Admin - Request field constructor) will be displayed on the requests list. You can change field appearance.

Popup image gallery

Click on image of the request and popup gallery will be opened.

Tickets highlighting

Highlight unread and active requests.

CRM tags

Ability to add CRM tags right from request. Tags are added to the contact. You need application CRM for this feature.

For Webasyst developers

If you are an official Webasyst developer, you can check product licenses using order ID or domain. Process requests and check licenses on one page.

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