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Response templates for CRM app

Quick replies via messengers using templates.

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Prepare ready-to-use replies to frequent questions and send them via messengers with one click .

You will get several advantages when working with clients.

Quick replies

You will reply quicker to frequently asked questions and your clients will be more satisfied, which will more often turn them into paying customers.

No typos

Prepare a good reply beforehand and check it for typos so that your customers always receive correctly spelled messages and enjoy communicating with you.

Time saving

After quickly sending a good reply to a client’s question, you will be able to use the remaining time for other useful work.

All plugin features

  • Auto-offering popular response templates. Every time you select a response template to be sent to a client, the plugin remembers it and will offer you your most popular templates next time. The list of the most popular response templates is maintained for each user individually.
  • Team work. If several of your teammates are engaged in responding to clients’ questions then each of them can add their own templates so that all of you can use them, too.
  • Common response templates. A user with the administrator access rights can add common templates, which are offered above others when you are preparing a response to a client message.
  • Composing replies from multiple templates. If you need to send a client a long reply then you can add several paragraphs from different templates and, once the entire text is ready, send it to a client.
  • Quick link search. With this plugin, it is convenient to send a client a link to any product in your online store, info page of Site and other apps, or help article from the Hub app using the built-in search fields.
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