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Contacts PRO for Contacts app

Extends Contacts app functionality.

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Contacts PRO enhances the basic functionality of the Contacts app and makes it an essential part of your CRM!

With Contacts PRO plugin you will be able to:

  • use advanced search by any contact fields and special conditions, and save your search queries as permanent filters;
  • add custom fields using the field constructor to store exactly what you want about your contacts;
  • analyze online activity: all actions performed by backend users and logged in customers are logged and can be used for directing your marketing efforts efficiently;
  • schedule your company's activities by setting up a common list of corporate events in the form of an online calendar;
  • split contacts into different types, persons and companies, and connect them with each other;
  • view contacts' addresses on a Google map one by one or in groups;
  • import contacts from a file or plain text,
  • publish registration forms to collect contact information from your website visitors and send them various important information,
  • remember all birthdays to send your best wishes in time!

Advanced search

Powerful search tool will enable you to find any contacts in your database by various fields: name, address, birthday, email, and many other parameters.

You can save a search query as a permanent filter to make it available any time you need to search by the same fields again.

Field constructor

Save any kind of information about your contacts: from hobby descriptions of your employees to the breed names of your customers' pets (if your online store offers merchandise for owners of dogs and cats).

Add as many new fields as you like and allow your customers to complete some of them in their online profiles (set up access to new fields in Site app settings).

In addition to common fields, you can also add arbitrary text notes about any contacts, which will be visible only in Webasyst backend.

View online activity

Your employees (in backend) and your customers (in their personal accounts on the website) every day perform a lot of different actions: log into or log out of their accounts, leave comments in the blog, edit their profiles, add new backend users, or subscribe for newsletters.

By using event filters, you will know exactly who performed certain actions, and when, in your Webasyst. Simply select the desired contact or action to review and you will see the who, what, and when of the selected action within specified period of time.

Look at the success of popular social networks! Their greatest value is a huge database of users, their mutual connections with each other, links to various events they participate in and actions they perform in their accounts. Now you can create your own specialized database of customers, partners, and employees and begin working with it to ensure substantial growth of your business.

Schedule events

Use an online calendar to add various events of corporate importance, which will be visible to all Contacts users in your backend; e.g., date and time of the next meeting, corporate outdoor trip, an employee's vacation, etc. Every user can set up an email reminder for each available event.

Persons & companies

"Contacts PRO" supports two types of contacts: persons and companies. Persons can be associated with companies.

Company contacts can have special contact fields different from those common to persons; e.g., legal address, bank account credentials, website URL.

Addresses on a map

Look where your customers live and work! Addresses on Google maps can be viewed one by one or in groups. Your courier will surely find it handy to overview his route to deliver orders to several customers simply by a look at the map.

Contact import

Transfer all your contacts via a CSV file or as plain text ("copy & paste") from various address books and other sources to be able to manage and view them using one convenient online interface.

Registration forms

Collect valuable contact information from your website visitors by means of adjustable web forms. If your clients are interested in receiving important information from you, they will submit their name, and email address or phone number so that you can write or call them back and provide the requested details. You can thus attract new clients and create a large database of contact information to develop your business.


A birthday is a very personal and special type of event; everyone rejoices when something pleasant happens to him on his/her birthday. Make special offers (e.g., provide discounts) to your customers on their birthdays!

Make the birthday date editing field available in customers' personal accounts, and they will complete it themselves! Why? Simply because they most probably expect a special offer or a gift from you on that special day. Use this opportunity to become closer to your customers, and they will more likely place even more orders on your website.

The list of your contacts' birthdays is shown on a calendar.

Set up email notifications on the birthdays of selected contacts, they will be sent to you in advance or on that very day.

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