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Attachments csv for Attachment app

Bulk upload of attachments.

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CSV attachments

This plugin allows you to upload attachments in bulk for the "Website", "Blog", "Photo", "Store"applications.

The upload file must have 4 columns - product ID, name, description, and file link (an example file can be downloaded from the plugin).

Entering information:

product ID - which product, page, or post to upload the attachment to

  • Page ID
  • Page name

for blog posts

  • Post ID
  • Vendor name

for pages in the Blog app

  • Page ID
  • Page name

for photos

  • Photo ID
  • Photo name

for Photos app pages

  • Page ID
  • Page name

for products

  • Product ID
  • product name
  • article
  • article code

for the Store app categories

  • Category ID
  • category name

for Store app pages

  • Page ID
  • page name

for product pages in the Store app

  • Page ID
  • page name

name - for example, "price".

description - for example, "upload price list".

file link-url from which the attachment should be downloaded.


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