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Tag editor is an improved version of Tags plugin.​ It adds a tag cloud to your blog pages and helps do SEO for them.

+ Add an unlimited number of tags to blog posts.
A blog post can be found by each of its tags.

+ Find posts by tags on the website and in Blog backend via a tag cloud.
It is easy to find posts by selected topics (tags), both for you and for your website visitors.

+ Save META tags description and keywords as well as page TITLE.
These values are displayed in Google and Bing search results snippets and are used for better search indexing.

+ Add SEO descriptions with <H1> titles to tag pages.
Your tags will be better found on the Internet by keywords contained in their titles and descriptions.

+ WYSIWYG & HTML editors of SEO descriptions with the image uploading option.
Simply type text without thinking about HTML, or write your custom markup.

+ Create automatically generated descriptions, TITLE, and META tags using Smarty templates.
Write one template for all tags, and a tag property value will be generated on the website according to your template rules.

+ Use any keyword in tag URLs.
By default, a tag URL has the form https://mydomain.com/blog/tag/cats/. If you want, change the tag part in URLs to anything different; e.g., tags or group.

+ Add OpenGraph МЕТА tags to tag pages — og:title and og:description. Automatically, og:locale and og:url will be added, too.
OpenGraph tags are useful for optimized presentation of your blog tag pages in social media, messengers, and other similar online services.

+ Publish Sitemap files with tag links.
To feed all your blog tags’ URLs to search engines.

+ Import tags from the old plugin.
Simply continue working as before, you will not have to re-enter all your existing tags.

+ Delete all tags with one click.
If you want to set up everything from scratch.

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