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2.0.5 January 27, 2021
Fix to avoid crashes when using the "Flexible Discounts" and "Auto badge" plugins at the same time.
2.0.4 January 16, 2021
Fix critical error
2.0.3 January 13, 2021
Extended debug logging
No update with this version
2.0.2 October 31, 2020
Added support theme "Profitshop"
2.0.1 October 24, 2020
Updated plugin. Added system options.
1.1.5 May 20, 2020
Fix for new version "Megashop 2" theme.
1.1.4 March 2, 2020
The preset on the Megashop 2 theme has been fixed, the authors of the temph have made very large changes to the theme, so previous solutions will not work.
1.1.3 February 14, 2020
Updates for Vivashop and Megashop2 Themes
1.1.2 December 16, 2019
Fixed error sorting product cards when outputting to publication.
1.1.1 December 4, 2019
Added support for the "EuroShop" theme. Fixed a bug with the plugin with support for Smarty in Blog.
1.0.21 October 24, 2019
Added support theme "Super"
1.0.20 August 5, 2019
Theme Readyshop support
1.0.19 August 4, 2019
Improved search for the theme of the shop's design for a blog, which provides a correct match for the blog design themes that are collated.
1.0.18 March 10, 2019
Dobavlena podderzhka tem: Tools i Megashop2. Melkiye ispravleniya.
Added support for themes: Tools and Megashop2. Minor fixes.
1.0.17 December 3, 2018
Extend settings, fix some errors.