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April 23, 2024

latest release

Minimal requirements
  • Version of Framework >=

Great tool to manage your team and share data online

Team app will show you:

  • who is going on leave and when
  • who is at work and who is absent
  • a calndar of events and user statuses
  • action history and statistics per user
  • users' access rights to Webasyst apps

Action statistics

Iin Team, you can select a user and view the statistics of their actions performed in all or any selected Webasyst app in the form of a graph, which will help you to visually evaluate how active is each of your teammates.


For each user, you can view the exact list of actions performed during a month.

Groups & locations

Your colleagues may be working all in one office or may be accessing your Webasyst account remotely. Depending on your specific organization type, group users by locations or by their tasks and access levels. Every user can be included in one or several group, according to your needs.


This is an important part of your Team app. Via calendars, you can set leaves or mark the periods of absence due to business trips, for example. In addition to these “standard” statuses, you can add custom ones such as “Very busy, disturb only on important matters until ...”.

Similar to user statuses, you can also add to a calendar information about various events associated with your team.

By default, Team offers several preset calendars: “Birthdays”, “Leaves”, “Business trips”, “Sick leaves”, “Appointments", “Other”. You may add your custom calendars to these default ones, if you want to manage a large number of various types of events.

Integration of online calendars Google, iCalendar, and

Every user can set up synchronization between a Team calendar and personal calendars in online services Google, iCalendar, and Manage calendar events via Team, and will see all your changes when you log into those services again.

To connect external calendars to Team, install corresponding plugins.

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