2.6.0 June 24, 2022

Webasyst Teamwork mobile app for Android.
Get it on Google Play today for free — https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webasyst.teamwork

iOS is coming soon! Join the public beta test: https://testflight.apple.com/join/BJVzwgVu

2.5.3 April 15, 2022
Fixed few minor bugs required for the release of Webasyst Teamwork for Android & iOS. Android beta test is now open btw!
2.5.2 April 6, 2022
Improved new widget looks on Webasyst TV.
2.5.1 March 22, 2022
Fixed few minor UI bugs.
2.5.0 March 21, 2022

Added more widgets for Webasyst TV. Stay up to date on how your team is performing with new free widgets available in the Installer — who is most busy on your team, which tasks are in the works right now, when are upcoming deadlines, more.

Improved the team activity chart in the 'Updates' section. Improved the APIs for mobile apps. Fixed few minor bugs.

2.4.0 February 16, 2022

Added the ability to quickly invite new users to Webasyst along with creating new tasks — no need to add users beforehand using the Team app.

API tweaks, stability improvements, bug fixes, and some other boring things have been addressed by this version as well.

2.3.2 January 12, 2022
Fixed a minor access rights validation issue for users with access limitations set for all projects in bulk (rather than certain selected projects).
2.3.1 December 27, 2021
Fixed a kanban crashing issue on PHP 7.3.
2.3.0 December 23, 2021
Multiple UI tweaks again. Improved almost all screens of the app, including the main navigation sidebar, task add/edit screen, the UI dark mode, assignee list sorting, and more. We hope you enjoy the new Webasyst 2 UI just as we do!
2.2.0 November 23, 2021

Lots of UI and API improvements. We've been developing native mobile Webasyst Teamwork apps for iOS and Android for a while, and lots of awesome UI solutions got into place. Many of them were integrated into the main app web UI with this update. More coming soon.

All fellow developers are encouraged to see latest updates we've added to the app's OpenAPI (Swagger) specification on GitHub: https://github.com/1312inc/Tasks-app-Webasyst

2.1.1 August 4, 2021
Fixed a minor bug with missing uuid field for new app installations.
2.1.0 August 1, 2021
Fixed minor UI issues and bugs found in the latest Webasyst 2 UI update. Added a plugin hook for linking Pocket Lists subtasks (checklist) within a task page. Don't forget to update Pocket Lists to the latest UI too, btw — the update is available in the Installer for free!
2.0.0 July 21, 2021
All-new Webasyst 2 UI. This major upgrade brings the Teamwork app up to the next level. New UI with the support for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. New Markdown editor. New kanban board. API for the upcoming iOS & Android mobile apps. And a lot more.
1.3.0 November 26, 2020
Introducing Webasyst Teamwork! New app icon. Integration with Pocket Lists (which means the ability to create subtasks for any task you have in the Teamwork app). From now on, the app is maintained by 1312 Inc. which mean lots of awesome new thing to come — new UI, mobile apps, more. October 19, 2020
  • Improved localization of email notifications on task processing steps.
  • Fixed error on PHP version 7.4.