2.9.2 December 27, 2023
Fixed few minor functional flaws optimized the looks for the app web UI.
2.9.1 December 12, 2023
Fixed minor bugs and UI issues. Improved APIs for the upcoming release of updated iOS & Android apps.
2.9.0 December 5, 2023

A big bundle of awesome features we’ve all been waiting for:

  • @mentions and task watching. Simply @-mention your teammates to instantly add a task to their watchlist and keep them updated on all task updates.
  • Hashtags and #links to other app entities. Quickly link tasks with Shop-Script orders and products, CRM app contacts and deals, Hub app topics, and other related tasks on the Teamwork app.
  • Better UI, bug fixes, more. Enjoy lots of under-the-hood improvements and UI tweaks. Everything just got better in every detail.
  • Updates to iOS & Android apps are coming soon.
2.8.2 June 30, 2023
Fixed a minor bug with dummy project creation on the app installation.
2.8.1 March 22, 2023
Optimized the app to stay up to date with the latest Webasyst 2.8.0 UI improvements.
2.8.0 October 21, 2022
Webasyst Teamwork for iOS is on the App Storehttps://apps.apple.com/us/app/webasyst-teamwork/id1610735751
2.7.7 September 30, 2022
Unified the ‘Self tasks only’ access rights control across the web app and the mobile apps (API).
2.7.6 September 18, 2022
Fixed minor base app config issues.
2.7.5 September 14, 2022
Fixed few minor API issues while preparing the Webasyst Teamwork iOS app for the release on the App Store (TestFlight).
2.7.4 September 5, 2022
Improved an asynchronous in-mobile-app cloud account creation feature.
2.7.3 August 30, 2022
Optimized the new cloud account creation routine. Switched the core app icon format to SVG.
2.7.2 August 15, 2022
Fixed an issue with demo data duplicating in cloud accounts created via the Webasyst Teamwork mobile apps.
2.7.1 July 27, 2022
Fixed an issue with creating new cloud accounts from the Webasyst Teamwork mobile apps.
2.7.0 July 25, 2022
Added the ability to get a public link to view task current status and its entire timeline with no authorization required. Super handy for showcasing the progress to a client.
2.6.3 July 20, 2022
Fixed an issue with the database index that affected the app API functioning and the mobile app.