Task tracker for teams

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Easy-to-use task tracking app for teams & small businesses. Set tasks for employees. Manage projects. Control the deadlines. Keep work productive. No task will get lost!


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May 29, 2024

latest release
version 2.9.4

Minimal requirements
  • PHP version >=7.2
  • Version of Framework >=3.0.0
Task tracker for teams Webasyst

Task tracking done right

You can, of course, create a group chat instead, and send tasks by text messages or emails, but expect the team management to turn into chaos. Chat will distract you from the workflow, tasks will vanish in the messages history.

In Webasyst task manager, everything is always in order. You can see what each team member is doing and when the next deadline will be. Nothing will be lost or forgotten.
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  • Delegate

    In the "Inbox", each employee sees the assigned tasks and always knows what to do today.

  • Kanban

    The kanban board visually shows the current state of the workflow on one big screen.

  • Projects, scopes, and deadlines

    Organize tasks into independent projects and scopes that must be completed before the exact deadline.

  • Access rights

    Each employee manages only those projects and tasks which he has access to.

  • Task statuses

    "New", "In progress", "Finished", or your status. Track the work progress at all stages.

  • Priorities

    Set what needs to be done first. The task is supposed to be done yesterday? Mark it “On fire!”!

  • Communication

    Discuss tasks with your team right in the task tracker. Add comments, files, or links to other tasks. Everything can be re-read, re-asked, and found in the app.

  • Work history

    Everything that is sent in Webasyst Tasks remains there forever and is easy to find. No task will be lost or forgotten.

  • Hashtags

    Mark tasks with hashtags to organize the workflow if statuses, projects, and scopes aren’t enough.

  • Subtasks

    Integration with Pocket Lists allows you to attach any subtasks to the main task — assignments, to-dos, reminders.

  • Email notifications

    Set up email notifications for your employees — no one will miss important tasks and discussions.

  • Push notifications

    Get realtime push notifications on all important task updates via a mobile app.

Comfortable online office for the whole team

Webasyst task tracking app helps to create a sense of team even when you don’t see each other in person. All work process and interaction takes place not in different apps, but in a single system, which is always a pleasure to return to.
  • Unites the team

    Working in Webasyst Tasks, each employee feels like a part of a single cohesive team. The actual "feeling of fellowship" online.

  • Works 24/7

    No matter where you work, you will stay connected, track tasks and have complete information about projects — wherever and whenever you want.

  • Saves time

    You don’t have to use different apps for communication, managing tasks, and tracking working hours. The entire workflow is organized in a single system.

Task manager for teams

Mobile apps

Webasyst Teamwork mobile apps for iOS and Android for easy work with tasks, wherever you are.

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Bonus Time tracking with the Remote app

When you working remotely you don’t see each other in the office every day, and this can affect mutual understanding. Who is doing what right now? Who is on vacation? Does everyone start their work on time? Discussing these issues in the chat means distracting each other from work. Everything is simpler in Webasyst. The special Remote app (installed in a couple of clicks in the Webasyst Installer) clearly shows who is busy with what today, who is online, which tasks are closed, how long it takes for a particular project. Brief text reports of the work done allow you to achieve trust in the team wherever you work.
to-do lists for teamwork

Bonus Subtasks (to-do lists) with Pocket Lists

The Tasks app is integrated with Pocket Lists — handy to-do lists and reminders organizer for Webasyst and Shop-Script. Create any short subtasks for tasks - assignments, to-dos or reminders.
Webasyst Cloud License / Own server

License is for the entire company with no limits on the number of users. Host the app on your own server or in the Webasyst cloud on any custom pricing plan.

Webasyst Cloud

30 days free

In the cloud, the Ultimate plan offers all major apps included and pre-installed, including the Teamwork app.

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