2.3.0 October 3, 2022
Updated the app name to the ‘Remote’! The new name better reflects the app's current role in the entire Webasyst app ecosystem.
2.2.1 April 13, 2022
Fixed a minor timezone offset issue that affected the looks of the new 'My day' widget for Webasyst TV.
2.2.0 April 7, 2022
All-new app icon, new widgets for Webasyst TV (My day, Team activity, User activity), multiple UI improvements, the old Webasyst 1.3 UI deprecation, bug fixes — excited to release such a big cumulative update!
2.1.0 August 5, 2021
Minor UI fixes. Better integration with Webasyst apps by 1312 Inc.
2.0.2 July 22, 2021
Fixed a crashing issue that had occurred when the app was launched by non-admin Webasyst users.
2.0.1 July 13, 2021
Fixed a minor bug with the 'Yesterday' label output on the wrong date.
2.0.0 July 9, 2021
All-new Webasyst 2 UI. New slider, new filters representing the entire team activity, new app icon.
1.2.3 April 23, 2021
Optimized the database query that is used to fetch user activity data across all Webasyst apps. The app UI will now work faster — especially if you are a long-time Webasyst user.
1.2.2 December 29, 2020
Fixed an issue that made Sunday always considered as a first day for the week no matter of a locale setting (the issue was affecting Webasyst Cloud hosted installations only).
1.2.1 December 24, 2020
Improved the online activity render and fixed few bugs related to time zone issues and time differences between the user, the viewer, and the server.
1.2.0 November 20, 2020
Autopilot! Added a silent automated watcher that tracks user activity in the Webasyst backend and beautifully visualizes the activity on the user timeline.
1.1.2 November 12, 2020
Preparing the autopilot mode! Integrated a built-in routine for tracking backend user background activity. Nothing is visually changing with this particular update, but the next release will reveal everything :)
December 2, 2019
First version released.