Tracks working time and activity across the team

Helps to work remotely.
Shows what time, on what and who worked.
Disciplines team work.
Improves mutual understanding.
Finds idlers.

The Remote is a simple time tracking app with additional useful features that allow you to clearly tell each other on what who is working on, who is on vacation or on a business trip. An excellent tool for work from home. Know who is working and what time, even if you don't see employees in person.

The Remote app will instantly improve mutual understanding in the team and help monitor the effectiveness of the entire team, wherever who works on:

  • Simple input of working hours. Just move the time slider of the start and end times, and the rest of the app will calculate and show automatically.
  • Work reports: text. For each working day, you can write a short report on the done work.
  • Work reports: automatic. Even if the employee won't input his working hours in the Status app and won't write text report, the application will automatically collect data on the employee's actions from the Webasyst system log(wa_log — the one displayed on the Webasyst backend dashboard) and will show what has been done: shipped orders, closed tasks, blog posts — everything in a one feed for each employee and automatically (Works immediately after installing the application and collects history for the entire time of the employee's work with Webasyst!).
  • Daily statuses: sick, on business trip, at the meeting, remotely today, oversleep, in the office etc. Each employee can quickly update information about his status for the day, and no need to ask unnecessary questions "How are you?" or "Where are you already?" in messengers. The status is automatically synchronized with status in the Team app calendar.
  • Time tracking for projects. It is convenient when several independent projects are in progress at the same time.

Why does online store need all this?

Initially, we made the Remote for ourselves. Our team 1312 Inc. is working remotely. We work in different cities of Russia and don't see each other every day. And therefore, like no one else, we understand how important simple mutual information about who is working on what tasks and when. Task trackers (Pocket Lists, Tasks app) are not enough, because the work process can be very different.

The Remote app has become a very useful tool for our team's work, and it immediately became obvious to us that the application will be useful to everyone who uses Webasyst and Shop-Script. And no matter what tasks your team solves - marketing, sales, customer service, custom work, software development or design - if there are at least two people in the team, the app will already help to establish interaction for whole team. And in conditions of work from home, even more so!

License is for the entire company with no limits on the number of users. Host the app on your own server or in the Webasyst cloud on any custom pricing plan.

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October 3, 2022

latest release
version 2.3.0

Minimal reqirements
  • PHP version >=7.2
  • Version of Framework >=2.2.0

1312 Inc.

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