Webasyst Cloud or private hosting: Choose your hosting option

Use Shop-Script X wherever it suits you best. We offer two options: working in the Webasyst Cloud or hosting Shop-Script X on your own server. Regardless of the option you choose, you will have a powerful tool for creating and managing your online store. You have complete freedom to customize your online store according to your needs.

Flexible hosting options

Unlike many competitors, Shop-Script X offers a unique advantage - the freedom to choose the location for hosting your online store. Regardless of the political environment, you have the opportunity to work on your own hosting in your jurisdiction. This gives you full control over your project and ensures data security.And with open-source code and developer documentation, you have complete freedom for customization and modification. You can create and develop projects of any scale and utilize the full potential of the platform.

Webasyst Cloud

Reliable hosting, ready for high loads and specifically designed for Shop-Script. Just leave your email address, and we will send you a link to your ready-to-use online store.
  • Shop-Script is already installed.
  • Prepared for high loads.
  • Protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Full access to HTML and CSS.
  • Virus protection.

Private server

Install Shop-Script X on any hosting if you need unlimited possibilities for server configuration and implementation of custom software development.
  • Any hosting of your choice.
  • Full administration capabilities.
  • Open access to PHP code and database.
  • Integration of custom modules and enhancements.
  • For experienced users.

Your store is in reliable hands

Webasyst Cloud is pre-configured exclusively for Webasyst and Shop-Script applications. It is a reliable and scalable hosting solution that will continue to operate even if the load on your website suddenly increases tenfold. The main difference between the cloud and regular hosting is that Webasyst Cloud does not provide FTP access to files. This limitation significantly reduces the likelihood of virus infiltration on websites since FTP is one of the most common methods of site infection. We strive to ensure the reliability and security of your online store, allowing you to focus on growing your business without worrying about potential issues.
  • What is better: in the Cloud or on my own hosting?

    In the cloud - easier and more reliable. If you don't have experience in setting up scripts on your own hosting, we recommend using Webasyst in the cloud, as you won't need to install or configure anything - our administrators have already pre-configured everything and ensured high uptime.

    The ability to rent Webasyst applications in the cloud and the free use of Shop-Script also make the cloud a more cost-effective option for starting with Webasyst.
  • Can I migrate from the Cloud to my own hosting?

    Certainly. You can move to your own hosting whenever you want. Request a dump of your account from our support team and continue working with Webasyst on your favourite hosting provider.
  • Can I migrate from another hosting provider to the Cloud?

    Absolutely! We welcome new users who value the reliability and security of the Webasyst cloud. That's why we offer free website migration from other hosting providers to our cloud. Just contact our support team through the Customer Center to initiate the migration process.
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