March 19, 2013
  • Reports: the ability to adjust report timeframe
  • Import from WebAsyst Shop-Script: discount coupons and product codes import
  • Product reviews: new settings for limiting review posting for unauthorized users, and optional review submit form protection with captcha
  • Minor bug-fixes March 18, 2013
Minor bug-fix update. March 15, 2013
  • Added default option for Gravatar userpics
  • Fixed a few bugs related to the app operation in Opera browsers March 15, 2013
  • Support for Gravatar userpics
  • Bug fixes March 14, 2013
— Optimized storefront performance
— Customer registration option and authorized customer information block added to the contact info checkout page
— Improved contact page markup according to Schema.org standards
— Minor bug fixes March 13, 2013
— Added new order filter “Processing” showing new, confirmed, and paid orders in one list
— Badge count: number of new orders is always shown on the main app icon
— Migration plugin: added option to preserve product and category IDs (useful for correct traffic redirection from old URLs of the form index.php?productID=# used in previous versions)
— Minor bug fixes March 12, 2013
— Improved order processing backend screens.
— Added extra screen for viewing selected order details with order list, optimized for mobile touch-screen devices.
— Option to select order action resulting in deduction of ordered SKUs from stock balance added to stock settings screen.
— Added new reports: sales, profit, top products.
— Added automatic generation of Sitemaps file for the storefront.
— In order-editing mode added option to select the stock to write off SKUs from.
— Added option to upload a file for each SKU which can be downloaded by customers upon order completion (digital products).
— Added “Brands” plugin for filtering products by brand in the storefront. A good example for writing your own plugin for Shop-Script 5.
— Added “301 redirect” plugin for redirecting traffic from (both ordinary and human-readable) storefront URLs of WebAsyst Shop-Script to storefront URLs of Shop-Script 5. Great for smooth transition from WebAsyst Shop-Script to Shop-Script 5.
— Improved data import from WebAsyst Shop-Script for “Migrate to Shop-Script” plugin.
— Bugfixes. March 7, 2013
— Affiliate program: bonuses for customers' own orders; discounts provided at the account of accumulated bonuses.
— Follow-ups: added optional sending of email notifications (e.g., for advertising purposes) after the defined period of time upon the order is paid.
— Added plugin hooks to most backend screens.
— Added product sorting setting for product lists in the storefront.
— In-stock information added to storefront product pages.
— Special offer products displayed as a slider (based on jQuery bxSlider) added to CUSTOM design theme.
— Bugfixes and overall optimization. March 1, 2013
— Default theme improvements: customer account, CSS for mobile devices, JS cart
— CUSTOM design theme for Shop-Script (installed via Installer app)
— Overall performance issues, bug fixes February 27, 2013
Added new discount types:
  • percentage of the current order total amount;
  • percentage of the sum of all customer orders.
Minor bugfixes. February 27, 2013
Updated "DEFAULT" design theme:
  • added more plugin hooks;
  • improved markup for better compliance with Schema.org schemes;
  • fixed minor errors and added various visual improvements.
Added text field to save descriptive comments for discount coupons.
Fixed various errors in backend screens. February 25, 2013
— Added settings screen “Notifications” to set up email notifications of new orders, order status changes, etc.
— Added support for linked contact fields, whose values list depends on the values of other fields. Useful for choosing subway stations depending on the selected city in checkout configuration settings.
— Added authorization option via social media when leaving a review to a product in the storefront.
— Selected badge (e.g., “Bestseller”) is applied to all product images.
— Added payment module “WebMoney” (available for installation in the “Plugins” section of the Installer).
— Added new type of category and product page URLs: “Natural”. You can select it in your online store settlement settings.
— Added possibility to enter a “compare at” price for each SKU. “Compare at” price is displayed as strike-through text next to the ordinary price.
— Various improvements and enhancements of the design theme: upselling and cross-selling blocks, product ratings, lazy loading, etc.
— Minor bugfixes and improvements. August 30, 2013
Fixed error in sales reports.
September 5, 2013
First version released.