PHP ecommerce platform with open source code

Create your own online store on your custom website. Start selling today!

Webasyst Shop-Script is a powerful platform for creating and managing an online store. Launch your own online store, sell on your website or other sales channels, and grow your business with the help of Webasyst apps and plugins.


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June 3, 2024

latest release

Minimal requirements
  • Version of Framework >=3.0.1
  • Version of Site >=2.5.0
  • PHP version >=7.4.24
  • Start selling today!

    Create your own online store today. Shop-Script takes care of all the complex development, leaving you with the simple task of adding products and getting started with promotion and sales.

  • All sales channels

    Shop-Script allows you to connect all sales channels to your online store: messengers (payment via link), social media, marketplaces, and even custom API integrations.

  • Any type of products

    In Shop-Script-powered online stores, you can sell not only regular "unit" products but also fractional items and complex products with different units of measurement.

  • Modern design

    Choose and integrate any of the >100 available design options. Customize the look of your online store easily in the settings, without the need for a programmer.

  • Powerful platform

    Enjoy a wide range of features for managing products, payments, orders, and customer database, as well as active marketing tools.

  • Online or offline Coming soon

    Coming soon! Shop-Script POS: offline access, integration with scanners, and sending anonymous orders via API for offline sales purposes.

mobile app for online store

New mobile app for store management

All key features of your online store are now available on the go with the Shop-Script mobile app. Intuitive tools for order management and sales tracking, you can effectively manage your online store anytime, anywhere. Quickly create store orders and send payment links to customers via messengers. Stay connected and in control of your business at your convenience.

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Build a convincing store front

Shop-Script makes it easy to create your own online store using a user-friendly interface and without the need for programming skills. The platform takes care of all the complex development, simplifying the process of uploading products and setting up payment and delivery methods. Choose from over 100 ready-made store themes and install them in just few clicks. The design themes are easily customizable even without specialized knowledge, and if you're an experienced user, you can also modify the design's source code to create a completely unique storefront for your online store.
  • Build your dream store

    Launch your online store of dreams using a powerful ecommerce website builder. Upload your products, customize your website, and start selling goods or services. No technical skills are required.

  • Create your brand

    Build your unique online store with customizable templates crafted by a community of experienced designers. Create a website that truly reflects your brand and stands out in the vast ecommerce market.

  • Unlock more possibilities

    Looking for additional ways to grow your business? Explore new avenues with hundreds of useful tools from Webasyst partners. Install apps and plugins that help you attract more customers and boost sales.

Streamline orders in a single dashboard

With Shop-Script, you can manage orders from various sales channels in a single dashboard, including your own website, social media, and marketplaces. Thanks to the centralized commerce management system, you can easily track and process orders, manage customer information, and optimize your workflow. Say goodbye to constantly switching between different interfaces and services while working - speed up order processing with the unified Shop-Script platform today.
inventory management platform

Effortlessly manage inventory

Create an online store and efficiently manage your products while keeping track of stock levels with Shop-Script's online inventory management system. Intuitive tools simplify inventory tracking and optimize order processing. Whether you sell physical or digital goods, the system ensures you never exceed the available sales limit. Start managing your inventory seamlessly with Shop-Script today.
create online store

Best-in-class analytics tools for your profits

Unlike other ecommerce frameworks and shopping cart platforms that focus solely on publishing products and processing orders, Shop-Script goes beyond by empowering you to sell and analyze the efficiency of your sales channels. With Shop-Script, you can gain valuable insights into which channels drive the most sales, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing strategies. Take your sales performance to new heights with Shop-Script's advanced analytics and sales tracking capabilities.
ecommerce platform

Expand your business capabilities with plugins and design themes

In the built-in catalog of plugins, apps and design themes you can effortlessly install useful features that enhance your workflow, attract new customers, and enhance the visual appearance of your storefront. With over 1500 plugins and design themes available for Shop-Script, you have endless possibilities to customize and improve your online store to suit your unique business needs.

Over 17,000 online stores powered by Webasyst Shop-Script

Join the community of over 17,000 successful online stores, ranging from small shops to major retailers.
  • «Shop-Script was chosen as our CMS right from the beginning. The continuous development of the platform, the availability of ready-made tools for customizing additional functionalities, and the wide selection of add-ons and design themes are important advantages for us.»

  • «Shop-Script was chosen as the CMS from the very beginning. Our continuous platform development, ready-to-use tools for custom feature development, and a wide selection of add-ons and design themes are important advantages for us.»

  • «Shop-Script seamlessly integrated with our new accounting system, allowing us to efficiently process all incoming orders. We finally stopped losing our customers and their orders. It's incredibly convenient that I can manage our online store from anywhere, whether it's at my workplace or from the comfort of my own home.»


Reliable ecommerce platform

Webasyst Cloud License / Own server

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