Addintional page settings in form control

This application will greatly facilitate your work with advanced settings page applications such as:

  • Store: Categories and Pages
  • The site: Pages
  • Blog: Posts and Pages
  • Photos: Albums and Pages

There are additional options at the page you can now create a comfortable and familiar to all forms of management

You will not need hands to register the names of the parameters and their values, all the necessary options for you can set for yourself

Note the developers , will not have to ask users to register settings allow you to customize the form of pages, you a can create a set of rules for your theme, and with the help of the export mechanism to apply the settings to the default theme

A more comfortable working with options will expand the scope of their application

This version supports three types of settings:

  • image, for example, you can upload any count images for the page (category, post, album)
  • text field, for example, you can define a short name in the menu
  • checked, for example, you can specify whether or not this page menu
  • drop-down list, for example, you can specify page type
  • multiple choice, for example, you can set some authors to you
  • colorpicker, for example, you can set any color

Demo file export settings

Always open to dialog (

  • consultation in the configuration
  • we will consider your wishes on completion and expansion of the functionality (we include them in subsequent updates)