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February 26, 2024

latest release
version 1.2.5

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Minimal requirements
  • Version of Framework >=2.7.0
  • PHP version >=7.4

Application "PWA" automatically generates a mobile and desktop application based on your site using progressive web app (PWA) technology.

The applications created using this technology are installed on users' devices and work on them, downloaded directly from the browser or from application stores such as Google Play and the App Store.

PWA applications can be either complementary to native applications (APKs) or full-fledged alternatives. It all depends on your goals and business objectives.

PWAs are very similar to native applications (APKs), but they have both advantages and disadvantages over them.

3 Appendix "How to use:

  1. Official application generator for your website.
  2. Sending push notifications. Using the application, you can send push notifications not only to mobile applications, but also to the user’s browser.
  3. Acceleration site. The application uses a Service Worker request that allows you to cache: pages, images, videos, audio, fonts, js, css. Create a static-dynamic site architecture (part of the site loads instantly, the other part is loaded from the server).

All methods can be used, both together with others and separately.

PWA advantages over native application (APK):

  1. Price. APK development costs significantly more than PWA.
  2. Support. PWA works on all platforms and is built on top of an existing site, meaning you only need to maintain your site. APKs are created separately for each platform (Android, iOS, Windows) and also require separate support.
  3. Control. PWA does not require a separate control panel. The application is updated automatically..
  4. Installation variability. In addition to downloading from app stores. PWA can be installed in one click directly from the browser. This avoids app store restrictions and commissions.
  5. Promotion. PWA does not require additional promotion, they are indexed in the same way as regular sites.
  6. Used space on the device. PWA takes on average about 1mb, APK 300mb.

PWA disadvantages over APK:

  1. Restricted access to the user's device. PWA does not have access to Contacts, Calendar, Bluetooth, NFC, Siri, Face, and Touch ID.
  2. Performance. Native app performance is better than PWA.

PWA features and benefits:

  • Installing an icon on the user's device. This is an additional advertisement for your business, increasing brand awareness and image.
  • Communication with the audience. Using web push notifications, you can communicate with your customers, notify about order status, news, promotions, etc.
  • Improve loading speed. PWA caches html, CSS styles, JS files, images, fonts, video, audio. This improves page loading to around 1 second.
  • Work offline. PWA can work offline. You can also set up a fallback response page where you can tell the user how to contact you when the site is down.
  • UI\UX. In PWA, you can implement UI elements just like you would in a native app. This will improve usability compared to the mobile version of the site.

All of the above will have a positive impact on site conversion, usability, customer acquisition cost, customer returns, number of orders, engagement.

PWA Success Stories

  • Tinder reduced load time from 11.91 seconds to 4.69 seconds thanks to PWA. The app is 90% smaller than the compiled Android app. User engagement in PWA has grown across the board (source).
  • Petlove PWA implementation resulted in a 2.8x increase in conversions and a 2.8x increase in time spent on the site. (source).
  • Petlove PWA implementation resulted in a 2.8x increase in conversions and a 2.8x increase in time spent on the site. (source).
  • Trivago increased by 150% people who add PWAs to their home screen. The increase in engagement resulted in a 97% increase in waiting hours for hotel offerings (source).
  • AliExpress increased conversion rates for new users by 104%, 2x more pages visited and 74% more time spent per session (source).
  • Alibaba increased mobile conversions by 76% ( source).

PWA app features:

  • 5 caching strategies that can be configured separately for each caching object.
  • The presence of pre-caching, with which you can create a full-fledged offline application and create a static-dynamic (island architecture) site architecture, this can significantly speed up the site and application, including PageSpeed ​​Insights indicators. In this example you can see that the left side of the "Sidebar" site loads instantly using pre-caching, while the main content a little later.
  • Multi-showcase. Creating a separate PWA application for each storefront.

Available features and functionality of PWA:

  1. Push notifications. (in development).
  2. Caching.
  3. Pre-cache.
  4. Work offline.
  5. App store publishing: Microsoft Store, Google Play, iOS, and Meta. More...
  6. Install from browser.
  7. Background application refresh.
  8. Google Analytics offline. (in development)

Push notifications:

You can create any number of push notifications and customize their content to suit your needs.

You can send push notifications both to the application and to the user's browser, but only to those users who have given permission to receive push notifications on their device.

To collect permissions in the application, there are special tools that you can easily place on your website.

*To send push notifications, the GMP (GNU Multiple Precision), library is required on most servers it is installed, but may be commented out in the php.ini file, so you may need to access php.ini to uncomment the library. If it is not available on the server, installation will be required.

Requirements for work:

  • Responsive design
  • HTTPS protocol.
  • PWA does not work in older browsers (IE) and with browsers that have disabled Service Worker support.
  • No third party Service Worker. Service Worker must be disabled in the design theme or plugins.

Technical support:

  • Technical support is provided at:
  • Working hours (Moscow time): 10:00 - 18:00 Mon-Fri on working days of the Russian Federation
  • Technical support includes: configuration consultations, answers to questions about the plugin operation, plugin customization
  • We will be glad to hear your: wishes, ideas, comments on the work of the plugin
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