Pocket Lists integrates with Shop-Script and allows you to get even better control over your sales by adding the ability to quickly create to-dos linked to orders:

  1. Create to-dos right from Shop-Script order page interface.
  2. Assign tasks to sales managers.
  3. Set deadlines and prioritites.
  4. Enter due date and time the natural way, e.g. ‘Follow-up with customer in 3 days’.
  5. Track the entire team workflow.

How it works?

No extra setup needed. Simply make sure you have Pocket Lists and Shop-Script installed and sufficient user access rights in your user profile — the rest will be done automatically, so you can start adding tasks right away.

In Shop-Script

Open an order page and click on Add To-do link on the right. Enter the to-do summary and hit Enter. A to-do will be linked to the order and will be available on the order page and Pocket Lists app until marked as completed.

In Pocket Lists

When adding a to-do, simply copy-and-paste a link to the order page or use @ symbol to quickly find the order by ID and link it with the new to-do:

* * *

Please feel free to share your ideas on how would you like to use Pocket Lists with Shop-Script: hello@pocketlists.com. We'll do our best to see how to implement your suggestions with one of Pocket Lists app updates.