Pocket Lists

Pocket Lists

Reminds about important to-dos and orders

Pocket Lists understands your input and automatically sets due date, time, and priority according to what you typed. Below are few (of many!) examples of how you can add to-dos.

Due date and time

  • Meeting tomorrow morning
  • Car service saturday 7pm
  • Prepare christmas gift list on Dec 20
  • Cinema fri night
  • Revise site conversions in two weeks

The text marked as italic will be automatically removed, and due date and time will be set accordingly.


Use ! to assign priority. One (!) for green, two (!!) for yellow, and three (!!!) for red.

Example: Do this!!


Use double slash to separate to-do title from an additional to-do text note. The entire text after the // will be added as textnote.

Example: Call James //Remind him to pick up his DSLR and lens kit

* * *


Natural Input feature is optional and can be turned ON or OFF. Use Settings screen to enable or disable Natural Input.