Pocket Lists understands your input and automatically sets due date, time, and priority according to what you typed. Below are few (of many!) examples of how you can add to-dos.

Due date and time

  • Meeting tomorrow morning
  • Car service saturday 7pm
  • Prepare christmas gift list on Dec 20
  • Cinema fri night
  • Revise site conversions in two weeks

The text marked as italic will be automatically removed, and due date and time will be set accordingly.


Use ! to assign priority. One (!) for green, two (!!) for yellow, and three (!!!) for red.

Example: Do this!!


Use double slash to separate to-do title from an additional to-do text note. The entire text after the // will be added as textnote.

Example: Call James //Remind him to pick up his DSLR and lens kit

* * *


Natural Input feature is optional and can be turned ON or OFF. Use Settings screen to enable or disable Natural Input.